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I've been cooking for about 42 years. My very first wedding gift was a cookbook, which I really needed because I had never cooked until I married. However, I soon learned that if you can read you can cook. I started with cooking meals that I liked and continued on.

Like everyone with a family and a full time job I was looking for efficient and simple great tasting recipes. I watched an infomercial on the turbo cooker and made one meal then stored it. I have a pressure cooker, a Tupperware three tiered cooker thing (great for 2 people), and I even tried OAMC. I have tried it all!

Even recipes and menus emailed to me. These are all good ideas but what helps the most to get the meal on the table has been the easy week recipes that I started. This helps me save money, time and effort by being more organized as I shop and cook. Some recipes may be lowfat, gluten free or vegetarian. However, those are not my forte. I am really all about easy, simple and tasty.Enjoy!

Above: My Neices and my daughter with my Fiesta® dishes collection.

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