Easy Week Recipes

Menu planning has never been so easy!

Fruit Bowl

The hardest part of cooking family meals often starts before you ever get in the kitchen. The time and effort it takes to plan and shop for a week's worth of meals can be daunting. My goal is to make that easier for you.

On this website, I'll develop a week’s worth of menus to feed your family and I'll try to take the work out of menu planning and grocery shopping. I've tried to vary the menus and incorporate innovative and simple use of leftovers to make your week as easy as possible.

Each week, I'll plan a new week of recipes for you. Hopefully, you'll find that your week is easier and you have more time to spend with family and doing things for you.

So here goes. Simple menu planning or as we say at our house,“This is what’s for dinner tonight.”

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easy recipe planning one week at a time